Here are some tools that I’ve developed.

  • VirtuaPlant: A Virtual Industrial Plant simulator with a soft-PLC to help demonstrate and understand the real-world impacts on attacks on control systems.
  • GoldenEye: This a layer 7 denial-of-service tool created as expansion of the Hulk project by Barry Shteiman. It’s written in python and uses KeepAlive+NoCache directives to conduct slow HTTP attacks on webservers.
  • GoldenEye 4 Android: Java port of the GoldenEye tool for Android. Not available at Google Play store. APK available from F-Droid.
  • usernamer: usernamer is a penetration testing tool to generate a list of possible usernames/logins for determined name (ex: John Doe Doeson) for user enumeration or bruteforcing. This tool also supports text-files with one name per line as input.
  • TOR-Block: TORBlock is a BASH script to automatically download the list of TOR exit-nodes and add them to your IPTables ruleset.
  • Multi-TOR: Multi-TOR is a shellscript to open multiple TOR instances each one with a different identity (IP address) and bound to a specific socket.

Here are some projects I contribute.

Check out all my projects and code on my github!


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