Batch-installing on Windows platforms with Ninite

Today a friend introduced me that great tool called Ninite. It’s a batch-installer which comes with the most popular Windows FOSS available in the wild and saves you from downloading and manually installing them.

Ninite also skips installation screens (and their EULA) and it’s perfect when you must setup several stations or you have constantly some station setup to do. Although Ninite ISN’T a configuration management tool but it is a good time-saver for smaller environments.

Ninite Pro Account gets it’s a little smarter: Downloads software according to your processor architecture and system language, say ‘No’ to toolbars, offline installation and some other goodies.

It maybe a solution while we still wait for Puppet to support Windows stations, being a good FOSS initiative to great market tools like Lumension’s Endpoint Manage Security Suite.

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